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 Competition And Vice.

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PostSubject: Competition And Vice.   Fri Dec 26, 2008 9:50 am

What is the root of murder, rape, war, slavery, assasination, betrayal,conflict, theft, and all that is malicious violence?

The root and origin is competition.

Competition of trade, resources, beauty, sex, power, whole nations,attention, influence, and survival just to name a few.

So long as there is competition guided by prejudice, desire, and natural necessity in living the manifestations of malice shall always exist yet if competition is natural what does that say for malice itself?

Is it not equally a natural expression of life too? An expression of becoming?

In a age and historical epoch of capitalism guided by competition what does that say for man's passion for violence today?

If we embrace social competition to the fullest do we not embrace violence fully too?
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Competition And Vice.
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