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 Entertainment Divergence And Distraction

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PostSubject: Entertainment Divergence And Distraction   Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:38 am

Does anyone notice how the state government and private industry uses various facets of popular culture to divert attention of the public from becoming too involved in their own self independence?

In many retrospects the entertainment industry serves the state government by creating a temporary psychological release for the general public from all the nervous monotonous tension that stems by it's constant servitude to the state's activities.

The psychological or emotional release through various facets of popular culture and entertainment is temporal and short enough as to act as a pacifying force within the populance where the pleasure derived almost makes them docile so when the certains on stage come down expelling the show to be over at it's end the populance can then get back to their life of economical servitude functioning as units of consumerism so they can buy their indulgence all over again in endless repeat.

Amongst the divergence and distraction private industry cashes in creating a stronger far reaching state in correlation of the economy and government in that a stronger economy creates a more influential government.
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Entertainment Divergence And Distraction
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